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  • Kinich Singing His School Prayer

    yugenro · Kinich Singing His School Prayer I LOVE this! His sweet little voice, the melody, and the lyrics: Earth who gives to us this foodSun that makes it ripe and goodThe Sun, the earth by you we liveTo you our loving thanks we giveBlessings on the meal and peace on earth

  • Jeux Sans Frontières (remix of Peter Gabriel’s Games Without Frontiers)

    In early 2009, Peter Gabriel announced a remix contest for his song Games Without Frontiers (http://bit.ly/1OBSCSH). Since Games Without Frontiers is my favorite PG song, I downloaded the sample pack and was thrilled to hear the separated tracks/parts. I based my remix on Kate Bush’s “jeux sans frontières” melody (which, i thought on first listening […]

  • Meditation Bell – 1st Mix

    This melody came to me directly from this morning’s meditation bell.

  • Retreat – First Mix

    yugenro · Retreat – First Mix Recorded with Loopy on iOS. Arranged & processed in Logic X. Date: October 16, 2015 at 12:04AM

  • Retreat – First Mix

    This one came to me on the morning of September 7, 2015… It’s been stewing for weeks now, bubbling up in my consciousness every now and then. It always calms and centers me, whenever it arises. Recorded with Loopy on iOS. Arranged & processed in Logic X.

  • Little 1 – Heartbeats Mix

    2015 March 15: added Milena’s sonogram of Kinich’s heartbeat in her womb, and little Sophia greeting me at the end. Also, added a gentle, subtle beat (kick, snare, two rides). And finally got around to transcribing the monologue, which was inspired by hearing the thrush of little Kinich’s developing heartbeat, and upon which the whole […]

  • First+Second Ekpyrotic Bounces- 1st Mix 2015-02-21

    First mix of the first and second ekpyrotic bounces. Several more bounces to follow, and they’ll probably be re-arranged before all is said and done. So don’t get too attached. 😉 Date: February 21, 2015 at 03:25PM

  • First Ekpyrotic Bounce- 1st Mix 2015-02-14

    Does our universe have no beginning? This is the first theme — the first bounce — of a longer piece — of several bounces. Date: February 14, 2015 at 09:16PM

  • Fade Away Into The Deep Blue

    I have tons of snips of music, and occasionally I go digging thru my library to find pieces that might fit together. That happened with “I Just Want to Fade Away” and “Deep Blue,” which just happened to both be in D keys (D Mixolydian and D Dorian, to be precise), very similar tempos (69 […]

  • DewDream Dance – Numbers Mix 2

    Light, dreamy little morning melody, accompanied by a sweet little old Javanese lady reciting numbers…  Date: February 13, 2014 at 11:44PM