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  • Little 1 – Heartbeats Mix

    2015 March 15: added Milena’s sonogram of Kinich’s heartbeat in her womb, and little Sophia greeting me at the end. Also, added a gentle, subtle beat (kick, snare, two rides). And finally got around to transcribing the monologue, which was inspired by hearing the thrush of little Kinich’s developing heartbeat, and upon which the whole […]

  • Little 1

    Meditation on the process of growing into this world. Date: August 04, 2013 at 06:02AM

  • 6: Amara, “Musical Minds” – Sun loves Earth, humming version

    A humming version of Amara (the 6th track/painting in Libba’s 11). In keeping with the no-lyrics theme we’ve already got going in the 11, this version replaces the original version’s sung lyrics with humming the melody. I like this version. It’s really sweet. I added a touch of reverb to the melody in this version, too. […]

  • Libba’s 11 #6 – Sun loves Earth

    Lullaby for the planet. I love you baby… Let me hold you in my sweet and silky arms, And love you like the Sun loves the Earth.

  • Snores

    This is an old recording, from probably 2007 or 2008, of Milena and Rucie (our cat at the time) in a snoring duet. They woke me up one night, and it was so funny that I *had* to snag my iPhone to record their song. Sorry for the noise– our space heater was on, but […]

  • Sleeping eardrums 2012-11-17

    Sleep-inspired from this morning: Soft music, sleeping soundly, sensitive eardrums, singing sweetly…