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  • Gayatri Mantra (with Milena Worsham, first mix)

    Milena sang this tune one evening to put Kinich to sleep. I loved the melody so much that I pulled out my iPhone right then and recorded it. This is the first mix. I’d like to add more voices, and I’m not happy with the pad sound/mix. But it’s late and I’ve got to pick […]

  • The Interplay of “Sight,” “Sound,” and “Spirit”

    The Interplay of “Sight,” “Sound,” and “Spirit”

    Interesting to compare the number of times that the words “sight,” “sound,” and “spirit” appear in published English-language books over the centuries. They’re all pretty tight until 1800, when “spirit” jumped way ahead, peaking around 1850. In contrast, for the entire 19th century, “sight” and “sound” held steadily together, until 1900, when instances of “sight” […]

  • Libba’s 11, #11: Delphinea (“Home”)

    Being name: Delphinea Painting name: tba Music name: Home Timeless, sweet home. Basking in the glow of unconditional love. March 07, 2013 at 10:36PM

  • Sleeping eardrums 2012-11-17

    Sleep-inspired from this morning: Soft music, sleeping soundly, sensitive eardrums, singing sweetly…

  • Dissa…p

    A tribute to delicacy and gentleness… with a hat tip to Steve Roach, Dirk Serries, and David Sylvian. Art: “Dissipate” by Alyssa Monks (http://www.escapeintolife.com/painting/alyssa-monks/attachment/dissipate/).