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  • Margin of Excellence Award!

    This morning, I had just started BTS 161 class when some people started filing in through the door: Linda Walker with some balloons, my boss Suzanne, and a few others I knew… At first, I thought some people needed to make an announcement, but then I saw BC President Dave Rule, and I thought I […]

  • Music for the Next Phase of Evolution

    Oystein Sevag: Space for a Crowded World (2012) My favorite album in quite a few years. Sevag is not only a technically-masterful keyboard player and synthesist, he is also a tremendously sensitive musician who leads first with his heart, then by his ear, and only finally by his brain. I am a big fan of […]

  • I will miss George W. Bush like I miss Hitler… Which is both a good and a bad thing

    I will miss George W. Bush like I miss… hmmm… like I miss Genghis Khan. Or like Adolf Hitler. Or like any other dumb-fuck, stupid-ass, bumbling, idiotic, fucked-up, insecure, arrogant draft-dodging pussy-excuse-for-a-Texan-let-alone-an-American-let-alone-the-most-powerful-man-alive poor soul who may have ever existed. But he did give me something to react to, something to keep me going, something to […]

  • First Class! Experimental Group Voice

    I had my first Experimental Voice Class last night, and it went really well. However, it was not glitch-free.  When we first got to our supposedly-reserved classroom, in the Music building, room 212, there was already some other class going on in there. So we checked all the other doors on the 2nd floor, and […]

  • Course Outline for Experimental College Voice Class

    General course description Subject matter covered in this course This class will cover various experiential approaches to vocalization, including texture and harmony, as a group. We will concentrate on eliciting a variety of emotions, as a group, using only our voices and bodies. My approach to teaching this content will be both very experiential and […]

  • Experimental Voice Class: Summary/Description

    In this class, people will use their voices to elicit emotion. The class is inherently experiential and experimental, with the participants exploring their voices, their emotions, and their interrelationships, all within a safe, fun, and enticing environment. Exercises will include visualization, meditation, breathing, calisthenics, rhythm, melody, harmony, dissonance, tone/timbre, volume/amplitude, texture (monophonic, polyphonic), etc. In […]