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  • Music for the Next Phase of Evolution

    Oystein Sevag: Space for a Crowded World (2012) My favorite album in quite a few years. Sevag is not only a technically-masterful keyboard player and synthesist, he is also a tremendously sensitive musician who leads first with his heart, then by his ear, and only finally by his brain. I am a big fan of […]

  • I will miss George W. Bush like I miss Hitler… Which is both a good and a bad thing

    I will miss George W. Bush like I miss… hmmm… like I miss Genghis Khan. Or like Adolf Hitler. Or like any other dumb-fuck, stupid-ass, bumbling, idiotic, fucked-up, insecure, arrogant draft-dodging pussy-excuse-for-a-Texan-let-alone-an-American-let-alone-the-most-powerful-man-alive poor soul who may have ever existed. But he did give me something to react to, something to keep me going, something to […]