MacWorld 97, Part 3

Thurs, 9 Jan, 1997 9:57am Thursday. Last full day of the conference– tomorrow’s only a half day, or to 3 pm. Yesterday was pretty mellow, actually. Finally made it out onto the exhibit floor. Pure chaos. NO f***ing audio people here. No Digidesign. We talked abt this a bit at the Audio breakout, people saying […]

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MacWorld 97, Part 2

Tues, 7 Jan, 1997 11:35pm, SF time called Milena this am. She misses me. She also realized i forgot my coats when she noticed them on my drum. & it’s still been cold, but not so windy today, thank god. Had bfast at a chinese diner, excellent ham & cheese omelet & also excellent hash […]

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MacWorld ’97

Mon 6 Jan 97 12:23am San Francisco time yeah, San Francisco. “just another city,” as Jack said. It’s very pretty so far. Also very cold. & i forgot a coat. sh*t. at least i have long johns & a sweater. bought Steve Roach’s origins at Tower Records around the corner here. cd’a picked up the new one, Halcyon […]

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The Universe

Wed 9 Oct, 1996 My job is going really well, except for i have to listen to Rush Limbaugh all f***ing day. Yeah, the artist i work with must be seriously delirious. Rush is such a f***ing loser. He made this “argument” today that Liberals don’t use logic to back up their political views because […]

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Yea! A Job!

Sun 6 Oct, 1996 YEA!! Congratulate me! I will finally be joining the ranks of the employed! And i’ll almost be working in my field, even! Yes, Ocean Originals, a local t-shirt design company, has offered me a job as an artist. Tomorrow’s my first day, & i’m pretty excited. It’s just been such a […]

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