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  • Margin of Excellence Award!

    This morning, I had just started BTS 161 class when some people started filing in through the door: Linda Walker with some balloons, my boss Suzanne, and a few others I knew… At first, I thought some people needed to make an announcement, but then I saw BC President Dave Rule, and I thought I […]

  • Seth’s Blog: The perfect crime

    Another sign that Big Money has gone too far, and that corporations are too powerful. Originally, corporations were granted charters for two years, and could only be renewed if they could prove they were doing the public good. As Seth Godin says here, business for the sake of short-term profit, with no accountability to the […]

  • Evolution According to Jason Silva

    Check out this glorious rant from Jason Silva: This one is quite controversial on YouTube… People don’t know how to take it, or even how to understand it. But if nothing else, I love how Jason Silva pushes the boundaries of social convention. He’s a dreamer, and societies always need such visionaries to keep shit […]

  • Psychedemia Podcast Jingle: “happyMorning”

    2012-07-27: Android Jones is one of the primary visual artists for Psychedemia. He’s known for his spiritual/techno/futuristic creations, and I was focusing on his work when I created this bubbly “ancient tribal funk” jingle for the Psychedemia Podcast. 2012-06-19: Daniel said they LOVE it, so it’s a wrap! I just made sure there were […]

  • Completed Questions: Experimental Group Voice class

    Experimental Group Voice, Keith Rowley 1.How will this activity attract University of Washington students? This activity will attract UW students by being experientially effective. That is, participants will not only know they have been through an exciting event, they will feel it. This course will expand their range of expression, emotion, feeling, and interrelationships, and […]

  • Motherland

    Created on my 2004 MacMini in 2007, using Mackie Tracktion v2, with 4 instances of Spectrasonics Atmosphere softsynth. Composed during a particularly inspired time in my life, while I was working with Jon Anderson (of Yes) on several voice projects. While not a lot came from my collaborations with Jon, I did get this track […]

  • Stress, Problems, Writing to Feel Better (and listening to Kate!)

    Currently Listening Aerial By Kate Bush see related Working late at Vision Wise. Hectic week, never being able to get caught up in encoding duties. Worked almost full-time this week. About time, really. I really need to go full time here– need the money… And i really like working here. Good people. Even Dylan, who’s […]

  • …just a life update

    Currently Playing Oranges & Lemons By Xtc see related – Chalkhills and Children – – Hi again… Good way thru 2005 now, my life’s fairly changed past nine mo. or so… no more TAMUCC, now working with M running a fancy boutique, MerciBella. By May i shd be a legal massage therapist. We’re in a […]

  • The Lotus Cup is Closed Forever

    From the Lotus Cup website: 10 Feb, 2004 After three years, eleven months & ten days (but who’s counting?), Milena and I have decided to call it quits. It is time for us to move on. It has been quite a ride; we have seen several significant setbacks, and we made it through most of them, […]

  • Simplicity.

    Simple. A simple Christmas. A simple life. I appreciate simplicity. Especially since i don’t feel like my life is simple. Just too many things going on. My full-time Mac Manager job; my two classes that equal a half-time job. At least we don’t have the Lotus Cup any more. While we’ve still got loose ends […]