Worried about Alito

Why do i not trust Samuel Alito during his Senate confirmation hearings these past couple days? I mean, from what i’ve heard on NPR, he actually sounds like he’d be a fair and impartial Supreme Court Justice… So what’s wrong? Why do i not feel like i should believe him? I think i know why: […]

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Who Frames the Parameters of the Debate?

Currently Listening ambient@hyperreal.02 Compilation CD By Forrest Fang, Stephen Philips, Farfield, Jason Sloan, eM, Numina, Jonathan Hughes, Isomorph, dreamSTATE, Musical Nature, Craig Padilla, JackTheTab, and more Various Artists – Ashera see related OK, you know what pisses me off about the Bush administration and people (like this guy Gary Schmitt of the Dallas Morning News, […]

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