Yea! A Job!

Sun 6 Oct, 1996 YEA!! Congratulate me! I will finally be joining the ranks of the employed! And i’ll almost be working in my field, even! Yes, Ocean Originals, a local t-shirt design company, has offered me a job as an artist. Tomorrow’s my first day, & i’m pretty excited. It’s just been such a […]

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Africa on the Web; yugen update

Mon 9 Sept, 1996 Here’s an update on the “where’s AFRICA on the so-called ‘WorldWide Web’” rant of 11 August!: check out the “Macs in Africa homepage;” it’s a cool site for jumping off into other African websites, as well as a MacIntosh resource. What’s to not like, huh? My shows this past weekend went pretty […]

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GeoCities: first entry

Sun, 11 August, 1996 hello! Keith Rowley-Yugen here. This Geocities site will be my site for ranting uncontrollably about whatevertheheck i feel like ranting about. If yr interested in my more arty, serious side (music, visual art, or aesthetic philosophy), please visit the yugen WebSite. ‘K then, on to business. First of all, gotta say that this GeoCities […]

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