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  • Evolution According to Jason Silva

    Check out this glorious rant from Jason Silva: This one is quite controversial on YouTube… People don’t know how to take it, or even how to understand it. But if nothing else, I love how Jason Silva pushes the boundaries of social convention. He’s a dreamer, and societies always need such visionaries to keep shit […]

  • Space Elevators and Man-Made Rings

    This incredibly cool rings-around-Earth visualization has me dreaming about space elevators and a man-made ring around the Earth. So, people are already making plans to build a space elevator. Check this NASA story, and this great Wikipedia article. Now, of course this is a huge undertaking. The counterweight-end of the space elevator would be some 62,000 miles […]

  • Venus Transit

    2012/06/21: Final version. Mastered by Dell at Pep Ventura in Dallas. Nice loudness maximizing, man! 2012/06/20 (entry two): Okay. Calling it DONE. Spent all day trying to fix the clipping, but in the end just put a hard limiter on the whole mix. Rock on!!! 2012/06/20: Okay… I’m ’bout done with this baby! Did a […]

  • Selling Removable Hard Drives, Trays, and Carriers

    One of my projects at is to prepare to sell about 100 hard drives and their removable trays+carriers. Nobody knows the brand, but there is one US Patent number on the carriers: 5563767. Google shows lots of patent sites with that record, and sure enough, the drawings included with the patent do indicate this […]

  • Error Message Error Message, a photo by yugenro on Flickr. Looks like CrashPlan’s servers are experiencing disconnects… bummer. First time since I went all-out with them about 9 months ago that this has happened, afaik. Via Flickr: What’s going on with I’ve been unable to access the site all day, neither from a web […]

  • T-Mobile G1 Pricing: LIES!

    Okay, what’s the deal with T-Mobile’s pricing for the new “Android” phone, the G1? Word is out that it will go for $179. Sweet!, I thought. I immediately went online to my MyTmobile account to snatch up a pre-order. But what happens when I get to the page where I get to pick which color […]

  • New Phone! Blackberry 8320 Curve

    Ok, I was terribly bummed yesterday when I discovered my Blackberry Pearl had been crushed to smithereens on the 1-90 access road to Factoria: Yes, terribly bummed. But I feel better today… ?cuz I got a new Blackberry CURVE!!! Yes, the 8320: It does WiFi! Voice calls over my freakin? home router! If we paid […]

  • Video Call with Deana in Holland!

    wow, REALLY nice video call with Deana today, via Skype! Yeah, for FREE, too! She had Twittered me to see if I was around, so we Twitter-chatted for a little while– she?s got a new phone (Sony Ericsson Walkman W200i) and wanted me to help her get some music on it. It was just a […]

  • Yes, Video on Flickr!

    Check out the blurb on Flickr’s site: Nice…

  • Teaching Online! + GRACIBOOK!!! + Parallels Desktop + Social Networking

    Yes, FIVE freaking classes! Three of them are 1-credit-hour PowerPoint: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The other two are BTS 161, the MS Office class. Just had first “Hybrid” class this evening, and it went really well. I think I’m definitely gonna like just one day a week on campus. Keeps us focused. Had a nice […]