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  • On Being Evacuated: It’s every volunteer’s worst nightmare.

    Originally posted on Sara in Peace Corps Guinea:
    Today volunteers in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia received the information that we will be sent home for an undetermined amount of time as a cautionary move against the rising risk of Ebola. Electron micrograph image of the Ebola virus. Friends and family back home are overjoyed…

  • Seth’s Blog: The perfect crime

    Another sign that Big Money has gone too far, and that corporations are too powerful. Originally, corporations were granted charters for two years, and could only be renewed if they could prove they were doing the public good. As Seth Godin says here, business for the sake of short-term profit, with no accountability to the […]

  • Evolution According to Jason Silva

    Check out this glorious rant from Jason Silva: This one is quite controversial on YouTube… People don’t know how to take it, or even how to understand it. But if nothing else, I love how Jason Silva pushes the boundaries of social convention. He’s a dreamer, and societies always need such visionaries to keep shit […]

  • House fails to override Bush’s veto of CHIPS

    Americans are spending billions upon billions of dollars to kill Iraqis and fuck up that whole country. But we can’t spend a goddamn cent more on the health of American children???? What the FUCK??? Of course the prez is all for it. But the newly-elected, Democrat-led House of Representatives can’t do a thing  about it? […]

  • The Parameters of Debate

    Today’s Doonesbury just hit a resonant tone with me: “the parameters of debate.” In the strip, the White House press corps is questioning Bush’s choices, or rather the choices he gives himself. While I’m glad the press has brought up this question, I think it has been brought up neither frequently enough nor with enough […]

  • Defending Jay Benning. Again. And Well.

    In his article "Keeping Kids Stupid: The Intellectual Lynching of Jay Bennish," Michael I. Niman defends Social Studies teacher Jay Bennish's teaching methodology. Definitely worth checking out.

  • The Fourth Reich: Avoided for Now?

    Admittedly, I am not very good at keeping up with the latest news. I mean, I just found this today (from March 11th), about Colorado High School Social Studies teacher Jay Benning being reinstated in his job after originally being placed on leave for comparing certain of PrezBush's Jan 06 State of the Union address […]

  • the Fourth Reich

    Why is nobody pointing out that this is what the Third Reich would have done? More power to Jay Bennish!!! — (from the website: Teacher who compared Bush and Hitler put on leave Wednesday, March 8, 2006; Posted: 10:17 a.m. EST (15:17 GMT) DENVER (AP) — A high school social studies teacher who […]

  • Worried about Alito

    Why do i not trust Samuel Alito during his Senate confirmation hearings these past couple days? I mean, from what i’ve heard on NPR, he actually sounds like he’d be a fair and impartial Supreme Court Justice… So what’s wrong? Why do i not feel like i should believe him? I think i know why: […]

  • Who Frames the Parameters of the Debate?

    Currently Listening ambient@hyperreal.02 Compilation CD By Forrest Fang, Stephen Philips, Farfield, Jason Sloan, eM, Numina, Jonathan Hughes, Isomorph, dreamSTATE, Musical Nature, Craig Padilla, JackTheTab, and more Various Artists – Ashera see related OK, you know what pisses me off about the Bush administration and people (like this guy Gary Schmitt of the Dallas Morning News, […]