Hold Me Now Hold Me

Fun, easy, shufflin’ little ditty outlining my feelings about loving relationships. Lyrics: Hold me now hold me I want to survive In order to hold me I need you to thrive Before you can hold me I need you alive Hold me now hold me We both gonna thrive Dancin to hold me We’re rockin […]

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My Bed is a Warm Planet

My heart trembles like a poor leaf The planets whirl in my dreams. The stars press against my window. I rotate in my sleep. My bed is a warm planet. ~Marvin Mercer P.S. 153, Fifth Grade, Harlem New York City, N.Y. (1981) (Published as intro to Carl Sagan’s only work of fiction, Contact) via flickr.com

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Enchanted Rock

As great and ebon pillars frame The vaulted granite and nurture the Bell-watcher, so do overarching Branches bower all I feel From this bough-strung, airy cot. Ah! God’s world! Yes, He made it for us And lives astride it; and by prayer And right living, from within The forest grove we may yet See him […]

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Earth My Body

My old friend Dell is helping me with “Earth My Body,” which is a song taught to me by this great guy Kaj (pron: “kai”) at the Kerrville Folk Festival back in, say, 1991. Simple words: Earth my body, water my blood, wind my breath, and fire my spirit. For my first two years at […]

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Kirtan: the Yoga of Singing. Of Course.

Just heard Jai Uttal and his group (Jai Uttal and the pagan love orchestra) singing “Om Nemah Shivaya”, a gorgeous Hare Krishna-esque chant from their “Nectar” album. Upon visiting his website, I’ve discovered that there is– suprise!– a “yoga of singing,” called “kirtan.” And here is some information about a workshop Uttal will be holding […]

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This is our tree-house. It asks nothing of us. When i first saw her i was enchanted. My heart sang that night– there was communion, there was community. As we grew closer, her depth drew me in, both strange and beautiful, i fell. At first the fear was too strong, the mystery too dark, the […]

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Choragus sits lotus-legged with her recorder; history improvises. Dirty dishes pile high, monuments to the appetite; laundry flirts. house-fly & cockroach enthralled actively audience; worker-ants pause. Screaming neighbors counterpoint her breathy melodies; carhorns punctuate. Dust-motes dance atop her varying columns of air; she, the Choreographer.

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