Transcription of the first line of “The Story,” by Brandi Carlisle, for Erin’s birthday tatoo

Erin wants me to transcribe “all of these lines across my face”– the first line from Brandi Carlisle’s “The Story.” Here’s the video.

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Experimental Voice Class: Summary/Description

In this class, people will use their voices to elicit emotion. The class is inherently experiential and experimental, with the participants exploring their voices, their emotions, and their interrelationships, all within a safe, fun, and enticing environment. Exercises will include visualization, meditation, breathing, calisthenics, rhythm, melody, harmony, dissonance, tone/timbre, volume/amplitude, texture (monophonic, polyphonic), etc. In […]

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Created on my 2004 MacMini in 2007, using Mackie Tracktion v2, with 4 instances of Spectrasonics Atmosphere softsynth. Composed during a particularly inspired time in my life, while I was working with Jon Anderson (of Yes) on several voice projects. While not a lot came from my collaborations with Jon, I did get this track […]

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Earth My Body

My old friend Dell is helping me with “Earth My Body,” which is a song taught to me by this great guy Kaj (pron: “kai”) at the Kerrville Folk Festival back in, say, 1991. Simple words: Earth my body, water my blood, wind my breath, and fire my spirit. For my first two years at […]

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Working with Jon Anderson

OK, I have to admit that, while I’m loving living in Seattle, it has not been as financially abundant as I could wish. However, I am working with Jon Anderson now! Yes, that Jon Anderson, the singer for Yes! Check out his Myspace page, listen to the track “Horizon” (which is the 6th and final track from his […]

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Choragus sits lotus-legged with her recorder; history improvises. Dirty dishes pile high, monuments to the appetite; laundry flirts. house-fly & cockroach enthralled actively audience; worker-ants pause. Screaming neighbors counterpoint her breathy melodies; carhorns punctuate. Dust-motes dance atop her varying columns of air; she, the Choreographer.

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Sun, 22 Dec, 1997 5:00 PM (Cool excerpt:) Milena said today she’s “finding it really hard to find something to live for” these days. “There’s always music,” i responded. “but what if the music doesn’t work out?” she asked. She’s thinking of RunBambi! & her new Celtic gig. “Well, if the ear is the first […]

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