Africa on the Web; yugen update

Mon 9 Sept, 1996 Here’s an update on the “where’s AFRICA on the so-called ‘WorldWide Web’” rant of 11 August!: check out the “Macs in Africa homepage;” it’s a cool site for jumping off into other African websites, as well as a MacIntosh resource. What’s to not like, huh? My shows this past weekend went pretty […]

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News and Stories

Fri 23 Aug, 1996 Somebody chukked a couple days-old San Antonio Express-Newses in my landlady’s yard a couple days ago; she being outta town and me being the neighborhood-watched, i snagged ’em. (Yes, this must be my “news rave” i’d referred to earlier.) For many years now– i guess since i first moved out of […]

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