Gluten-Free Vegans!

Well, Milena and I are now on the “Quantum Diet.” Yah, apparently Oprah’s on it, and loving it, so Milena and Janelle got all excited about it, and we all got going on it like 3 weeks ago. It’s gluten-free and vegan! Yes, I’ve been a freekin’ vegan now for 3 weeks! And I really […]

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Allergic to Sugar

Found out about a month ago that i?m allergic to sugar!!! Oh My GAWD!!! No freekin? SUGAR??? So, haven?t had ANY sugar– well almost no sugar– in three weeks! And I?m feeling … well, a little better, I guess…

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Drug Study Phobia

Drug studies. Geez, what a fucked up thing, eh? You get paid (pretty well, by my standards) to be a guinea pig for some nameless huge-ass (and probably evil) drug company. (I mean, any entity that is THAT rich HAS to be evil…) Now, if you even barely know me, you know that I have […]

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Sister’s in Hospital

My sister Deana’s in the hospital. Last night at 7, Mama heard “why? why?” from Deana’s room, ran in there, and found her unconscious on the floor. She tried to revive her, but cdn’t. Called 9-1-1. Ambulance cdn’t reviver her either. Took her to the emergency rm at Spohn South, and finally she came to […]

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She’s OK

Currently Playing Up By Peter Gabriel see related – Signal to Noise – *sigh* she’s ok. Just got back from the hospital. MRI and CAT scans were both negative. They wanted to do an arteriogram/angiogram, but when they explained to her that there was a 5% chance of the procedure causing a stroke, Dna said […]

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