Created on my 2004 MacMini in 2007, using Mackie Tracktion v2, with 4 instances of Spectrasonics Atmosphere softsynth. Composed during a particularly inspired time in my life, while I was working with Jon Anderson (of Yes) on several voice projects. While not a lot came from my collaborations with Jon, I did get this track […]

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Will WordPress take? Do you see? Do you hear? Well, no. Upon uploading a 6.4 MB .aac file (my very own “Garden Galaxies,” an original song composited in GarageBand), i got this error: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. Back to Image Uploading “Image Uploading?” Can we upload only image files? I […]

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…just a life update

Currently Playing Oranges & Lemons By Xtc see related – Chalkhills and Children – – Hi again… Good way thru 2005 now, my life’s fairly changed past nine mo. or so… no more TAMUCC, now working with M running a fancy boutique, MerciBella. By May i shd be a legal massage therapist. We’re in a […]

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