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  • Meditation Bell – 1st Mix

    This melody came to me directly from this morning’s meditation bell.

  • Retreat – First Mix

    This one came to me on the morning of September 7, 2015… It’s been stewing for weeks now, bubbling up in my consciousness every now and then. It always calms and centers me, whenever it arises. Recorded with Loopy on iOS. Arranged & processed in Logic X.

  • Watching The Moon In The Morning (Falling In F)- First Mix 2014 – 12 – 06 – 146.4bpm Fm

    Sketch of a smooth melody that hit me in my pre-waking hours of 26 October 2014. Photo by KynaBear, from his cool photoblog: “Romping and Rolling in the Rockies” ( Date: December 06, 2014 at 12:49AM

  • 6: Amara, “Musical Minds” – Sun loves Earth, humming version

    A humming version of Amara (the 6th track/painting in Libba’s 11). In keeping with the no-lyrics theme we’ve already got going in the 11, this version replaces the original version’s sung lyrics with humming the melody. I like this version. It’s really sweet. I added a touch of reverb to the melody in this version, too. […]

  • 8: Ruethor, “Spyer Exitor”

    Smooth, silky, gentle & sweet waltz. Music for painting #8 of Libba’s 11. May 19, 2013 at 12:23AM

  • 7: Bravo, “Remember”

    Earthy, Gaelic-folky tune. Music for painting #7 of Libba’s 11. May 19, 2013 at 12:09AM

  • Snores

    This is an old recording, from probably 2007 or 2008, of Milena and Rucie (our cat at the time) in a snoring duet. They woke me up one night, and it was so funny that I *had* to snag my iPhone to record their song. Sorry for the noise– our space heater was on, but […]

  • New Music Like Crazy!

    Man, I have been really inspired by the commission from Libba and Ron to create sounds for “Libba’s 11,” as I’m calling them. Very interesting project, right up my alley, as Ron asked for sounds at about a minute long– which has been about the length I’ve been doing with my voice jingles on my […]

  • I Really Do

    I really should be grading the final projects from this summer’s Excel class, and/or prepping/packing for Burning Man… But, once again, I woke with a tune in my head, and I just had to get it down… This one is upbeat, fun, syncopated, positive. I mean, I like it– I really do! Related articles soundcloud […]

  • Plurimae Voces

    Plurimae Voces is an album of voice-focused tracks I created and worked on for several months, over 2010 and 2011. “Plurimae voces” is Latin for “many voices,” which seemed to be a fitting title for this collection. It seems that I’ve gotten back to my musical roots– singing– in the past couple years. Singing is […]