Kirtan: the Yoga of Singing. Of Course.

Just heard Jai Uttal and his group (Jai Uttal and the pagan love orchestra) singing “Om Nemah Shivaya”, a gorgeous Hare Krishna-esque chant from their “Nectar” album. Upon visiting his website, I’ve discovered that there is– suprise!– a “yoga of singing,” called “kirtan.” And here is some information about a workshop Uttal will be holding […]

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The God-Mind Connection

M and I have been reading this really powerful book called “The God-Mind Connection,” by Jean K. Foster. I say “powerful” because it is really making me aware of how to tap into the infinite power of God. Now, that term “God” kinda bugs me, but I am definitely getting over it, simply because I’m […]

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Sister’s in Hospital

My sister Deana’s in the hospital. Last night at 7, Mama heard “why? why?” from Deana’s room, ran in there, and found her unconscious on the floor. She tried to revive her, but cdn’t. Called 9-1-1. Ambulance cdn’t reviver her either. Took her to the emergency rm at Spohn South, and finally she came to […]

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Xmas is…

Not feeling very Christmassy this year. The weather has been pretty cold for Corpus, and we had a Holiday party last night, but, i don’t know… just hasn’t sunk in that it’s Christmas yet. Maybe it will here on Xmas Eve at Mama’s… Maybe it’s that i’ve not bought many Xmas presents. No wrapping. M […]

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This is our tree-house. It asks nothing of us. When i first saw her i was enchanted. My heart sang that night– there was communion, there was community. As we grew closer, her depth drew me in, both strange and beautiful, i fell. At first the fear was too strong, the mystery too dark, the […]

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Love and Money

Wed, 29 Jan, 1997 7:53am walls… Last night we talked about money. Which we’ve been doing for a while, and especially since we bought this truck together. But now i need (want) a CD burner. The cheapest one i can find is $479. & i don’t have that much cash, but i got like $250 […]

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