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  • Little 1 – Heartbeats Mix

    2015 March 15: added Milena’s sonogram of Kinich’s heartbeat in her womb, and little Sophia greeting me at the end. Also, added a gentle, subtle beat (kick, snare, two rides). And finally got around to transcribing the monologue, which was inspired by hearing the thrush of little Kinich’s developing heartbeat, and upon which the whole […]

  • Family Cycle- 1st Mix 2014 – 06 – 15

    I just had to take this track down… Still a work in progress, and it just bugged me how out of tune some of the parts were… I’ll post a better version soon.

  • Kid with Shoes on his Hands

    Kinich is refreshingly experimental!See it here:

  • The Third Letter

    The Third Letter

    Little Mama is dying. I wrote her some letters, and Milena told me she read them to her, and that she told everyone to make plans to go to Ft Worth for the big art opening in December. That makes me happy, to know that she wants to go. That project was a big one […]

  • Snores

    This is an old recording, from probably 2007 or 2008, of Milena and Rucie (our cat at the time) in a snoring duet. They woke me up one night, and it was so funny that I *had* to snag my iPhone to record their song. Sorry for the noise– our space heater was on, but […]

  • Hold Me Now Hold Me

    Fun, easy, shufflin’ little ditty outlining my feelings about loving relationships. Lyrics: Hold me now hold me I want to survive In order to hold me I need you to thrive Before you can hold me I need you alive Hold me now hold me We both gonna thrive Dancin to hold me We’re rockin […]

  • Milena at Tikal

    Milena at Tikal

    This image of Milena atop one of the Mayan pyramids at Tikal strikes me on many levels. First of all, you see what she is seeing, you feel what she is feeling. The photo is taken over her left shoulder, and we can see that we are above the jungle treetops, and way off in […]

  • Video Call with Deana in Holland!

    wow, REALLY nice video call with Deana today, via Skype! Yeah, for FREE, too! She had Twittered me to see if I was around, so we Twitter-chatted for a little while– she?s got a new phone (Sony Ericsson Walkman W200i) and wanted me to help her get some music on it. It was just a […]

  • House fails to override Bush’s veto of CHIPS

    Americans are spending billions upon billions of dollars to kill Iraqis and fuck up that whole country. But we can’t spend a goddamn cent more on the health of American children???? What the FUCK??? Of course the prez is all for it. But the newly-elected, Democrat-led House of Representatives can’t do a thing  about it? […]

  • the “Napoleon Clock”

    When we were in Corpus last month for Aunt Kay’s funeral, I found out about the W family’s “Napoleon Clock.” MW said at the time she thought it was worth “millions.” But her dad said more like “thousands.” Sheeeit. “Either way,” I said, “let’s SELL it!” Anyway, it’s made by Swiss/French timepiecemaker Jean-Antoine Lepine. Here […]