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  • Mandala?

    What determines if a circular design is indeed a mandala? | See it here:

  • Off the Farm 2012: Once Again, Old is New, and New, Old.

    Off the Farm 2012 is the latest incarnation of Dell Little’s annual mixtape-nee-CD-nee-mp3 collection, which continues with the series’ down-home, upbeat groove. I love this year’s cover: a conductor of what seems to be a radio orchestra, of course from the 30s or 40s or 50s. There’s a funny kind of irony to Dell’s choice of such […]

  • Space Elevators and Man-Made Rings

    This incredibly cool rings-around-Earth visualization has me dreaming about space elevators and a man-made ring around the Earth. So, people are already making plans to build a space elevator. Check this NASA story, and this great Wikipedia article. Now, of course this is a huge undertaking. The counterweight-end of the space elevator would be some 62,000 miles […]

  • Memolane Embed

    <script src=””>My Personal Memolane</script> This is a test of embedding my Memolane. Hm. Nothing. According to this Help page, all you have to do is paste in your Memolane’s URL inside a couple <<script>> tags… Not so simple, it seems…

  • Milena at Tikal

    Milena at Tikal

    This image of Milena atop one of the Mayan pyramids at Tikal strikes me on many levels. First of all, you see what she is seeing, you feel what she is feeling. The photo is taken over her left shoulder, and we can see that we are above the jungle treetops, and way off in […]

  • The Edible Garden; a Permaculture Workshop

    The Edible Garden: a Permaculture Workshop Wow. Milena and I had a great time Sunday at the Permaculture Event at Tom and Susan Armstrong’s “Park” out in Redmond. They are great people: very knowledgeable, energetic, loving, sharing. They own the Raw Source raw food store– it’s in their converted garage. And they brought in Bruce […]

  • Enchanted Rock

    As great and ebon pillars frame The vaulted granite and nurture the Bell-watcher, so do overarching Branches bower all I feel From this bough-strung, airy cot. Ah! God’s world! Yes, He made it for us And lives astride it; and by prayer And right living, from within The forest grove we may yet See him […]

  • the “Napoleon Clock”

    When we were in Corpus last month for Aunt Kay’s funeral, I found out about the W family’s “Napoleon Clock.” MW said at the time she thought it was worth “millions.” But her dad said more like “thousands.” Sheeeit. “Either way,” I said, “let’s SELL it!” Anyway, it’s made by Swiss/French timepiecemaker Jean-Antoine Lepine. Here […]

  • First WordPress entry

    Hello. I love trying out new blog systems. Found WordPress last night, liked the blog “Biosingularity“, or at least the idea of Transhumanism and Technoliberation: that technology will help humanity survive and even evolve into the next level of bio-informatic species. But i’m really looking for a blogging system that will allow me to post […]