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  • …just a life update

    Currently Playing Oranges & Lemons By Xtc see related – Chalkhills and Children – – Hi again… Good way thru 2005 now, my life’s fairly changed past nine mo. or so… no more TAMUCC, now working with M running a fancy boutique, MerciBella. By May i shd be a legal massage therapist. We’re in a […]

  • The Lotus Cup is Closed Forever

    From the Lotus Cup website: 10 Feb, 2004 After three years, eleven months & ten days (but who’s counting?), Milena and I have decided to call it quits. It is time for us to move on. It has been quite a ride; we have seen several significant setbacks, and we made it through most of them, […]

  • Corporate Personhood is Killing Democracy

    The Supreme Court last Thursday, 26 June, 2003, chose not to hear the case of Nike v Kasky. This is a good thing. If you are reading this, and you are at all concerned with democracy, you MUST check out this fantastic article by’s Jennifer Van Bergen. Van Bergen cites this fantastic quip from […]

  • sum growth & sum flicking away…

    the days i feel like i’ve made some progress on a problem are good days. The days i puke, too, are good days. But when it’s my wife that’s puking, it’s not so clear whether it’s “good” or not… She is getting better at it; used to be she would just keep drinking Maalox or […]

  • Yea! A Job!

    Sun 6 Oct, 1996 YEA!! Congratulate me! I will finally be joining the ranks of the employed! And i’ll almost be working in my field, even! Yes, Ocean Originals, a local t-shirt design company, has offered me a job as an artist. Tomorrow’s my first day, & i’m pretty excited. It’s just been such a […]