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  • Little 1 – Heartbeats Mix

    2015 March 15: added Milena’s sonogram of Kinich’s heartbeat in her womb, and little Sophia greeting me at the end. Also, added a gentle, subtle beat (kick, snare, two rides). And finally got around to transcribing the monologue, which was inspired by hearing the thrush of little Kinich’s developing heartbeat, and upon which the whole […]

  • Margin of Excellence Award!

    This morning, I had just started BTS 161 class when some people started filing in through the door: Linda Walker with some balloons, my boss Suzanne, and a few others I knew… At first, I thought some people needed to make an announcement, but then I saw BC President Dave Rule, and I thought I […]

  • The Third Letter

    The Third Letter

    Little Mama is dying. I wrote her some letters, and Milena told me she read them to her, and that she told everyone to make plans to go to Ft Worth for the big art opening in December. That makes me happy, to know that she wants to go. That project was a big one […]

  • Evolution According to Jason Silva

    Check out this glorious rant from Jason Silva: This one is quite controversial on YouTube… People don’t know how to take it, or even how to understand it. But if nothing else, I love how Jason Silva pushes the boundaries of social convention. He’s a dreamer, and societies always need such visionaries to keep shit […]

  • Milena at Tikal

    Milena at Tikal

    This image of Milena atop one of the Mayan pyramids at Tikal strikes me on many levels. First of all, you see what she is seeing, you feel what she is feeling. The photo is taken over her left shoulder, and we can see that we are above the jungle treetops, and way off in […]

  • Unplanned 7-Week Sabbatical

    Unplanned Seven-Week Sabbatical M and I rent a small 2-bedroom house in Georgetown, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Seattle-proper (within the actual city limits of Seattle). Georgetown is right in the middle of the industrial district; it consists of one pretty main thoroughfare, with some real big old brick buildings that are falling apart and which […]

  • Protected: God Is.

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Kirtan: the Yoga of Singing. Of Course.

    Just heard Jai Uttal and his group (Jai Uttal and the pagan love orchestra) singing “Om Nemah Shivaya”, a gorgeous Hare Krishna-esque chant from their “Nectar” album. Upon visiting his website, I’ve discovered that there is– suprise!– a “yoga of singing,” called “kirtan.” And here is some information about a workshop Uttal will be holding […]

  • Dreams of a Particular Destiny. And Not in Real Life.

    Had an interesting dream t’other night… Of all people, Frank Garcia was sorta my avatar… I knew Frank in high school, in choir, mainly, and he was mean. He was a “friend,” in a way, but he was mean to me and alot of others, too. In other words, not the kind of person i […]

  • Stress, Problems, Writing to Feel Better (and listening to Kate!)

    Currently Listening Aerial By Kate Bush see related Working late at Vision Wise. Hectic week, never being able to get caught up in encoding duties. Worked almost full-time this week. About time, really. I really need to go full time here– need the money… And i really like working here. Good people. Even Dylan, who’s […]