The Parameters of Debate

Today’s Doonesbury just hit a resonant tone with me: “the parameters of debate.” In the strip, the White House press corps is questioning Bush’s choices, or rather the choices he gives himself. While I’m glad the press has brought up this question, I think it has been brought up neither frequently enough nor with enough […]

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The Music I’m Listening To…

I joined last month, and it’s pretty cool seeing my listening habits all collated on the web. Of course, iTunes does it all itself, but i can only see its stats from my own computer. lets anybody see it, and lets me see it from anywhere on the internet. Plus, it lets me […]

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First WordPress entry

Hello. I love trying out new blog systems. Found WordPress last night, liked the blog “Biosingularity“, or at least the idea of Transhumanism and Technoliberation: that technology will help humanity survive and even evolve into the next level of bio-informatic species. But i’m really looking for a blogging system that will allow me to post […]

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Will WordPress take? Do you see? Do you hear? Well, no. Upon uploading a 6.4 MB .aac file (my very own “Garden Galaxies,” an original song composited in GarageBand), i got this error: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. Back to Image Uploading “Image Uploading?” Can we upload only image files? I […]

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Thin Coats

Well; I feel like blogging, and this is supposed to be an old blog, but my new one is unable to take new entries, so, just like i seem to do, i will spread out my life like a thin coat of paint, in a million different directions to try to get my color out […]

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Blogging is…

blogBlogging is…Blogging is very frustrating… makes me feel somehow inadequate when i can’t get to it regularly… like i’m letting down my “audience.” As if anyone has time to sit and read my blog. I wish i had time to do all the things i would love to do, like create/compose/perform/record music, read books by crazy leftists, help get GWBush kicked out of office ASAP, etc.There are just so many diversions these days… I really think this is one reason the neo-conservatives have been able to take over the White House: the masses of Americans are too busy taking their kids to soccer practice, surfing the web, going to concerts, listening to their iPods, making iMovies, watching “Survivor” and “the Bachelor” and “West Wing” and “Carnivale” and “the Sopranos.” (One of my favorite mottos: “so much TV, so little time…”)I keep hoping that blogging will someday help me get my life together much like journalling used to in the 80s and early 90s. I need to be able to “puke on the page”– even if the page is a computer screen. But there is definitely a difference between writing in pen on paper and typing on a keyboard to a computer display. That whole “computer as separator” thing: the internet gives us “virtual personalities” in which we never really “meet” the people we’re “interacting” with… we never physically touch them… and to me, physical touch is the heart of knowing someone… And that same lack is there in typing to a computer display: touch the plastic of those keys down here, something happens up here on the screen– separate… what a quantum physicist might call a “non-local effect.” As is by “magic.” Which it literally would be to someone from Isaac Newton’s time.Anyway, going to see “Lord of the Ring: Return of the King” tonight! Soo-weet! Opened last night, and Milena & i and Lisa & Matt watched the extended “Fellowship of the Ring” at our place. Guess i’ll just have to remember “Two Towers” on my own… what power films can have…Posted by yugen at December 18, 2003 02:20 PM

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