Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich speaking at the Presidential podium
Gregg Popovich speaks at the White House, Jan 12, 2015

Gregg Popovich is the coach of the NBA's San Antonio Spurs. I admire him because he is a teacher first and a coach second, and he values humanity, civil rights, and racial equity.


Gregg Charles Popovich was born in 1949 in East Chicago, IL. He attended the Air Force Academy and played on their basketball team. In his senior year, he was the team's captain and highest scorer. He graduated in 1970 with a degree in Soviet studies, was trained in the intelligence branch of the Air Force, and briefly considered a career in the CIA. So, he's pretty smart.

He is one of only five NBA coaches to win five NBA titles. So, he's a good coach.

Gregg Popovich yelling on court
A common sight: Gregg Popovich yelling on court


Popovich is a humanitarian and activist. This is the main reason I admire him: he stands up for those less-privileged than him. He also advocates for common-sense gun control. Here he is calling out politicians who are lackluster about taking care of our children:

Plus, Popovich is just a cool guy. When the Spurs are out on the road, he takes his players to the finest restaurants in the host city. Reportedly, he's on a first name basis with the restaurant owners and staff, and he receives the finest service. So, he's a foodie. And, apparently, also a sommelier.


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