Jeux Sans Frontières (remix of Peter Gabriel’s Games Without Frontiers)

In early 2009, Peter Gabriel announced a remix contest for his song Games Without Frontiers ( Since Games Without Frontiers is my favorite PG song, I downloaded the sample pack and was thrilled to hear the separated tracks/parts. I based my remix on Kate Bush’s “jeux sans frontières” melody (which, i thought on first listening said, “she’s so popular”), then added a few of my other favorite parts, including the whistled melody (by PG, Hugh Padgham and Steve Lillywhite), Larry Fast’s funky descending synth bass, David Rhodes’ interplaying descending, midrangey guitar line, Jerry Marotta’s groovy percussion, and Fast’s sequencey-opening-filter transition pad.

I’ve been wanting to post this for years, but, since I didn’t “finish” it, had been holding off. Well, this morning I just said, “fuck it,” added the ‘verbed ending, and am posting now. Enjoy!

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