Retreat – First Mix

This one came to me on the morning of September 7, 2015… It’s been stewing for weeks now, bubbling up in my consciousness every now and then. It always calms and centers me, whenever it arises.

Recorded with Loopy on iOS. Arranged & processed in Logic X.

4 responses to “Retreat – First Mix”

  1. hi sorry if this is annoying, but do you think you could release your ‘yugen’ wordpress account since you are using yugenro anyways? i wanted to use yugen for my wordpress. i would really appreciate it!! thanks for reading


      • Hi Cora,

        I figured out how to do it… just delete my version of I’d like to wait until you’re ready to take it over, just to make sure you get it and nobody else does. Why don’t you send me another comment when you’re ready, and I’ll pull the plug on my side, and let you know; then you can jump on it.
        Let me know what you think, ok?



      • Hi Keith,

        Thanks so much! I actually don’t need the URL anymore so feel free to keep it for yourself.
        I appreciate your willingness though!!



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