Fade Away Into The Deep Blue

I have tons of snips of music, and occasionally I go digging thru my library to find pieces that might fit together. That happened with “I Just Want to Fade Away” and “Deep Blue,” which just happened to both be in D keys (D Mixolydian and D Dorian, to be precise), very similar tempos (69 and 67 bpm), and in theme (both watery). I’m pretty happy with the result.

Date: July 13, 2014 at 02:36PM

4 responses to “Fade Away Into The Deep Blue”

  1. Actually, not very far apart… a few days, or a week apart. No more than a couple weeks apart (I’m not at my iMac right now, or I could tell you exactly). I always (well, *almost* always) record these snips as I wake up in the mornings, to my little Korg SOS recorder, and when I fill up the little SD card, I dump all that onto my Mac. These two snips were just a couple tracks away from each other on my latest dump, from June 2014. Maybe I was going thru a “water” stage in my dream life, or something.


    • Hehe. Do you ever have dreams that you’re peeing? It took me decades before I realized that when I’m peeing in my dream, I’m peeing in my bed.


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