1: Serafina Norkst, “Mystery” – Light from Whence Cometh

Music for the first of Libba’s 11 paintings of channelled beings. The melody and main chordal progression first came to me the morning of Wed, May 22, and the bass melody, pizzicato “strings” and counter melody that you hear at the end (which I call “mystery”), came to me on Friday morning, May 24.

This is actually the second channelled music for this painting. The first was nice, probably more “glorious,” which is one of the feelings I immediately received upon first seeing the painting, but when this one hit me, I knew it was a download from Serafina… This expression is more mysterious (with the choral sound), and otherworldly, while also being light… which is where I came up with the “Light from Whence Cometh.”

May 26, 2013 at 06:49AM

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