Tamara Cortez’ Flow Notes: Gifts of a Truly Compassionate & Loving Healer

Cover art for Tamara Cortez' Flow Notes.
Cover art for Tamara Cortez’ Flow Notes.

Tamara Jo Cortez’ new book, Flow Notes (E-book version reviewed, available at Balboa Press or Amazon) may at first glance seem a sweet, simple collection of positive affirmations. However, while her notes do positively affirm my oft-disturbed spirit and give rise to smiles in the same way as do sweet and simple post-it notes on my steamy, post-shower bathroom mirror, Tamara’s little insights reach deep into my soul with a perfectly deft, balanced touch of gentle, delicate honesty and unfettered, powerful insight.

Tamara is a healer in an age when this whole planet is in the throes of massive change, an evolution of which she is keenly aware. And thus, with the sensitivity of a true empath, she utters just the right words at just the right time to just the right audience. I have been reading Flow Notes for about a week now, and each time I have picked it up, it has spoken to me. To me. And not just “little” me, but “BIG” Me– the Divine Keith, the Universalis creatorem-cum-Keith. It is precisely when I have been feeling least powerful, and least divine, that Flow Notes has brought me back into the fold, back into the flow of the current moment, which is, after all, the only moment in which we can feel— and therefore, the only moment in which we can feel ourselves AS Divine, AS Connected-to-Universal-Source, as a natural expression of the Universe-in-the-process-of eternal-becoming.

Flow Notes is littered with such reminders of our divinity, straight love-arrows aimed squarely at the delicate human inhabitants of today’s crazy world. We don’t encounter healers of Tamara’s caliber every day. But with Flow Notes, she blesses all of us with her gifts of true compassion and pure love.

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