Evolution According to Jason Silva

Check out this glorious rant from Jason Silva:

This one is quite controversial on YouTube… People don’t know how to take it, or even how to understand it. But if nothing else, I love how Jason Silva pushes the boundaries of social convention. He’s a dreamer, and societies always need such visionaries to keep shit moving forward.

Check out this other cool one that explains inventor/futurist Ray Kurzweil‘s notion of “singularity:”

Yeah, he’s a tripper, for sure! But you gotta love his passion and energy, and the way he’s always pulling in references from other visionaries (like Kurzweil). To many, Silva’s rants are mostly gibberish… But I find that if I listen more with my “inner” ear– or with my heart– you know, be open to his full expression– his gestures, his inflection, his facial expressions, his cadence– I feel like I “get it” better. I’m finding that one of his common themes is the glorious, passionate expansion of consciousness, toward the next phase of evolution… But since the next phase of evolution is inherently beyond our current capacity for understanding, we’re really going to have to open ourselves to currently-inconceivable expressions. How to do that? Ha! Stay open, and open wider, and then open even wider, and continuing to open, and grow, and stretch my own personal senses to become more sensitive to both ever-more-subtle, and ever-more-grand, events & experiences.

What Silva is saying is that humans are destined for greater things. Greater creativity, greater expression, greater love, greater connection, greater experiences, etc. For instance, think about your life, compared to a cave-man’s life. We don’t have to worry about growing or killing our own food. We have air conditioning. We have language. We have the internet. We have smart phones. We have global connectivity, awareness and consciousness. We are peering to the grandest depths of space (which also means back to the beginning of our very fucking universe), and also at the most basic structures and principles of how our universe‘s very physics works. We are working together to bridge our social differences, learning that each of us has our own inherent uniqueness, that no two of us are alike, that our uniqueness is a gift to the world, and that contributing our unique creations with each other is one of the ways we can connect and experience more and greater richness in our own lives.

He’s saying that this creating-and-sharing-and-connecting-and-growning-and-expanding is PRECISELY what we are here for, and what the universe’s purpose is. He’s saying that evolution is one of the basic principles of our universe. He’s saying that consciousness is built-in to our physics– that it has always been around, that everything IS conscious in its own way, and that consciousness is always evolving toward greater awareness and sensitivity, and that, therefore, WE– who are, as far as we can tell, the most aware and sensitive creatures yet (yes, dogs have greater sensitivity to smells, cats have greater sensitivity to light, other creatures have greater sensitivities IN ONE WAY– but humans have the “best” combination of all of the above, and, we have MORE than made up for those shortcomings via technology)– he’s saying that we humans– or, more precisely, “post-humans”– will evolve to become even MORE sensitive to events and experiences we can’t even imagine.

At least, that’s kinda what *I* think Mr. Silva is saying…

What do you think?

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