New Music Like Crazy!

Man, I have been really inspired by the commission from Libba and Ron to create sounds for “Libba’s 11,” as I’m calling them. Very interesting project, right up my alley, as Ron asked for sounds at about a minute long– which has been about the length I’ve been doing with my voice jingles on my little handheld Korg SR1and, the really interesting part is that “Libba’s 11” are channeled paintings of spiritual beings… and for several years now, I have often awoken in the morning with beautiful music inside my inner ear, which, until now, I’ve not been able to explain.

But now, since I’ve been consciously attentive to the source of some of this “morning music,” I’m thinking that the source of much of this music, even in the past, has been from spiritual beings, beings who exist on a different plane…

At any rate, I wanted to post some of this new stuff, so, here you go… Listen with your inner ear.

First, the three tracks I’ve got so far from Libba’s 11:

Now, one from yesterday, using Korg’s cool new iPad app iPolysix:

And now a couple other beautiful vocal tracks that I feel may have been channeled as well:

“Dissa…p” I posted back when I first completed it, but it is so beautiful that I just wanted to post it again.

Love with your heart…

sight * sound * spirit

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