Venus Transit

2012/06/21: Final version. Mastered by Dell at Pep Ventura in Dallas. Nice loudness maximizing, man!

2012/06/20 (entry two): Okay. Calling it DONE. Spent all day trying to fix the clipping, but in the end just put a hard limiter on the whole mix. Rock on!!!

2012/06/20: Okay… I’m ’bout done with this baby! Did a BUNCH of tweaking: Fine-tuned the mix, added a few strategic kick drum hits, a cool additional percussion part to the middle transit section, tightened up the lead-in to the pause, as well as the silence in the pause; dropped in the tumble/spin-down “motu proprio” I’d commissioned Dell to make for me for the very end; and tweaked the heck out of the end mix. I think it’s good enough. I could tweak this baby forever. But I gotta go to sleep… Safe travels, Venus…

2012/06/13: Added Dell’s mucked-with Absynth sequence. Tweaked the mix: worked on mixing in the “motu proprio” phrase (which is Latin for “of its own initiative,” which seemed appropriate for the goddess Venus making her way– of her own accord– across the sun); worked on the drum mix (still need to add some ‘liveness’ to the drum tracks: right now, they’re the weakest part of the track); and worked Dell’s percussion remix track back in, which really helps propel the “transit” section up to the big, dramatic break. Speaking of which, I worked on tightening up that climactic break too.

Now I need: at the end, I want the “motu proprio” phrase to spin, starting off in a very fast loop, and glide/fall/tumble down to a final landing place with the last notes echoing out. Very much like the end of “Tempus Fugit,” if you know what I mean. 😉

2012/06/11b: Slowed down ending even more… I like it better now. Tweaked filter cutoff and resonance on my Sylenth sequence for more expression. Sent all tracks as individual stems to Dell for him to muck with.

2012/06/11: Dell added a nice Venus transit section, with a nice Absynth sequence… So, I added a Sylenth synth/sequencer counterpart to Dell’s Absynth jammin’ synth/sequencer. Added a slowed-down ending jam. Not sure if I’m thrilled with the ending…
Wanna do more expression in the middle jam section, with the two synth parts conversing more, like Venus and the Sun (well, and Earth, too!)…

2012/06/06: Just completely redid GraciBook, my 2007 MacBook Pro. Downgraded to OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard and re-installed Logic 9. It is running much quicker now than it was with OSX 10.7 Lion. Anyway, this is the first little ditty I came up with after installing Logic 9 again, and I like it, and I was so blown away by yesterday’s Venus Transit, and also inspired by Milena’s “dream of moon songs and star poems,” that this one just seemed to fit right in there. Add the incredibly beautiful and high-res Hinode photo of the transit and it was all meant to come together.

…now, where to GO with this intro???

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