Milena at Tikal

Milena at Tikal

Milena at Tikal

This image of Milena atop one of the Mayan pyramids at Tikal strikes me on many levels. First of all, you see what she is seeing, you feel what she is feeling. The photo is taken over her left shoulder, and we can see that we are above the jungle treetops, and way off in the distance are the tops of at least two other pyramids. Thus, we understand the scale of the ancient city/site.

Secondly, we see her hand spread wide, facing outward, as if an antenna, receiving the full force of ancient transmissions. Since we only see her left half, we posit that her right hand is up in the same open-palmed, out-facing position. And this is such a receptive position. Once again, we feel what she is feeling, receive what she is receiving: the force of the jungle, the trees; the calls of the monkeys, birds, and other lifeforms; the lingering echoes of a long-lost (yet still reverberating) society; the slow seeping of the subconscious wisdom of the ages…

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