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Your Question: the festival

Tower (upright)

The Breakthrough: catalyst, rude awakening, descent, revelation, clean house from top down, word on high, takes down regime, fury, wrath, eject, reputation ruined, caught with lover, ousted, monument stands, last call.

Ace of Pentacles (upright)

Pay Off: compensation, found money, renewed interest, booming market, for the love of stuff and money, security, material goods and services, share the wealth, your piece of the pie, deal, vested interest, bling.

King of Swords (upright)

Public domain: duty, vow, protect, defend, oath, commitment, symbolic, icon, precision, viable solution, stick to the point, boundaries, rights, privileges, hardened, passionate, dedicated, focused, critical, skeptical, empirical methods, scientific testing, proof, verdict, exception, hub, password, determine.

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