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Your Question: the festival

Tower (upright)
   in the Anticipation position

Finally resigned they are fluid and ungrounded as unharnessed power is scattered and any semblance of apathetic arrogance and emotional maturity gets shot-to-shit. Out of the shocking madness and alarming descent a patriotic underdog, guilty by association, gathers paranormal support — rallied by visible cost in the forsaken face and they hold their breath in suspense. Will he crash-and-burn, or learn to fly solo while cloaking second-thoughts or choking on the announcement?

Ace of Pentacles (upright)
   in the Connection position

The time is ripe for this deal or enticement, and obviously, the possibilities are tempting, but remain grounded, productive, and centered in common sense before you bargain or accept, and you just might see your enterprise or relationship come to life before your very eyes.

King of Swords (upright)
   in the Small Talk position

Inside tip or prediction about this influence: He’s as unmovable as an iceberg. But take heed, something is changing and he’s melting from the inside out — it’s a matter of time.

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