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Your Question: money

Ace of Chalices (upright)
   in the Anticipation position

A fluid crossing and expansion of emotional boundaries could propose eternal or unconditional love as the most powerful of all renewable resources at your disposal, and the more you share or accept this cup of life, the more there will be to go around.

High Priestess (upright)
   in the Connection position

Be wise, be resourceful, but have fun — you’re setting the example here. Renew a commitment to yourself and your own needs and allow yourself to be receptive to, or grateful for small surprises, acts of faith, or offers of love. To this end follow your intuition, let down your guard just a bit, or initiate creative recipes for social, romantic, or domestic activities because it may be time to come out of hiding and learn to live a little in the sunshine again.

Wheel (upright)
   in the Small Talk position

It’s coming around again — get ready to jump.

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