Really Good Reading: keywords!


Your Question: money

Ace of Chalices (upright)

Heart’s Desire: joy, liberation, blood lines, connections, fulfillment, quench, replenish, water feature, elemental sharing, flow, drama, health, intimacy, pride, indulgence, expression, pool resources, family tree, chivalry, romance, uncertainty, faith, trust, hope, lovely another round, unrestrained, organic flow.

High Priestess (upright)

To Pass Muster: the code, interpreter/perpetuator of trends, question authority, offer proof, experience, seal of approval, latest issue, advisor, master of a domain, knowledge is power, traditional reputation, rules, precedent, teacher, the trusted go-between, medium, vehicle, school of thought, approach the bench, secret keeper, good faith.

Wheel (upright)

The Chance: encounter, separate “signs/fates” woven together, trapped, obsessive, control freak, superstitious, player, game of life, at the mercy, orchestrate, choreograph, parcel out, classic if only scenario.

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