Your Just a Quickie Reading!


Four of Wands (reversed)
   in the Anticipation position

Inside Joke: Even though the influential conditions could appear unfamiliar, the big reveal at the finish line might still be just a matter for simple choreography. Conspiracy, private negotiations, and collusion will have already been in the underground works for some time by the time the signs are seen. But it won’t be with who you’d expect. That’ll be a red herring; a public ruse to add shock value and publicity to the competition or campaign. No worries, though, because despite initial appearances, the short end of the stick will go to the “winner” this time, while the other get a group hug.

Two of Swords (upright)
   in the Connection position

Something’s got to give, and fortunately, at this fork, the choice is still yours. Be vigilant in your unwillingness to dishonor yourself but don’t let stubbornness, insecurity, or spite force you into a no-win stalemate mislabeled as justice. Looks deceive and emotions muddy the waters in this case.

Knight of Chalices (reversed)
   in the Small Talk position

How to recognize who’s under the influence: When push came to shove he could have proven to be less than a gentleman and indulged his own desires.

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