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Four of Wands (reversed)

Fall Out: arguments, chaos, rivalry, undermine, sabotage, conspiracy, enemies close, flexible alliances, self interest, convenience, lash out, peer pressure, left hanging, neglect, linger, burst bubble, hot bed, hip, trendy, contemporary, rehab, open space, take cue, unconvincing, bored, multi-purpose, makeover.

Two of Swords (upright)

Contradiction: contest of wills, protection, privacy, extreme measures, ultimatum, challenge, resistance, choice, obstacle, meditation, consideration, think it over, wait and see, reasonable doubt, skepticism, technicalities, convincing arguments, unmoved, defiance.

Knight of Chalices (reversed)

Wishy-Washy: separated, apathetic, disinterested, unrequited, grab and go, drive through, toxic, seductive, addictive, stalk, can’t live up to ideal, hangover, indulgence, another trophy, conquest, meaningless, disingenuous, play the field, eye opener, drag, appeal, hold back, refuse to plead.

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