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Quix is a bookmarklet which opens a prompt, and then responds to commands. When you type whois, for instance, it’ll take you to a page with the whois of the domain you’re currently on. It can also understand more complex commands, like gs help, that will make it go to Google, searching the current site for the text “help”.

You can also select a word, and use that as extra input for the command. So for instance, when you select the word dictionary, then open Quix and just type d in the prompt, it’ll take you to a Google define: search for the word dictionary. The same would happen if you had not selected anything and typed d dictionary directly.

The available groups of commands:

Basic commands

These are the most basic commands Quix offers, but possibly also the most powerful ones.

Command Description
a Amazon Search
d Google Define a word
dict Google Dictionary for a word
e Email link
f Flickr Search
fc Flickr Commercial use CC Search
find Find in current pagem, usage: ‘find test’ will highlight all occurrences of ‘test’ and will take you to the first occurrence. Just ‘find’ will open a prompt.
g Google Search
gbs Google Blog Search
imdb IMDB Search
img Google Image Search
map Google Maps
gs Search the current site with Google
nf Netflix Search
php PHP Function Search
tr Translate the current page
w Wikipedia Search
mh Mahalo Search
read Readability
wa Wolfram Alpha Search

Social commands

These commands are for dealing with social networks and social sites.

Command Description
db Bookmark the current page in Delicious
fb Share the current page on Facebook
gb Bookmark with Google Bookmarks
tn Tweet the current page
s Twitter Search
t Twitter User
v Vimeo Search
yt YouTube Search
tumblr Share on Tumblr
post Share on Posterous
su Submit to StumbleUpon.


Quix was of course created by Yoast, a WordPress addict, and as such, some WordPress functions are of course needed!

Command Description
codex Search the WordPress codex
plugin WordPress plugin search
wp WordPress function search
wpmu WordPress MU function search
wpseek WordPress function lookup with wpseek.com
pluginsvn Take me to the current plugin’s SVN
wptool Open a WordPress Toolbar.


As an SEO you have dozens of things you can check on a site, Quix aims to make those things simpler by adding a large set of easy to remember and use commands for SEO’s.

Command Description
archive Check archive.org for the current page
can Check whether the domain canonicalizes its homepage correctly
dmoz Searches DMOZ for the current Domain
gbd Search Google Blogsearch for links to the current Domain
gbu Search Google Blogsearch for links to the current URL
gc Google cache for current page
gi Google Insight for the keyword phrase
gwt Google Webmaster Tools for current domain
h Header info for the current URL
kd Keyword Density check and way more
linkcheck Check the links on the current URL
maj Check strong pages & backlinks for the current domain using Majestic SEO
nofollow Shows all nofollows
seo Does a quick SEO checkup of the current page
seothis Open SEO tabs
snippet See how this page would render with Google Rich Snippets
yd Yahoo Inlinks for current Domain
yl Yahoo Inlinks for current Page
ydir Searches Yahoo! directory for the current Domain
kwte Go to the AdWords External keyword tool
kwc Keyword competition check Google


Webmasters often have dozens of bookmarklets for all sorts of simple checks, Quix replaces a lot of those bookmarklets by giving you simple to remember commands to deal with them.

Command Description
csstoggle Toggle css on and off
firebug Loads Firebug lite.
font Font overlay with FontFriend
host Host info for the current domain.
myip Your current IP & homepage.
p3p Check the P3P policies of the current page.
register Register a domain (f.i. use register test123.com).
resize Resize browser (might only work with single windows in some browsers).
ruler Shows a ruler that can be used to measure elements.
sg SelectorGadget: point and click CSS selectors
speed Do a Pingdom speedtest of the current URL.
spriteme Sprite the current page using Spriteme.
vs View source of the current URL.
w3c Validate the current page.
w3css Validate the CSS of the current page.
whois Whois info for the current domain.
xray XRAY the current page.

In a meta sort of way, Quix provides some commands that should help you to debug Quix.

Command Description
debug Debug Quix
help Help file
quix Takes you to the specified Quix page
yoast Lucky search on Yoast


Some simple scripts to detect which web analytics program a site is running and to debug Google Analytics

Command Description
da Detect the current sites analytics
ga Analyze Google Analytics settings on the current page
gaexport Make the export function in Google Analytics export way more lines (credits: Arjan Snaterse)
bitlyside Bit.ly Sidebar

URL Shortening

A group of URL shorteners

Command Description
trim Shorten with Tr.im
bitly Shorten with bit.ly
awesm Shorten with awe.sm
googl Shorten with Goo.gl

App Integration commands

Integrate with cool programs on all platforms.

Command Description
evernote Clip current page with Evernote
tubesock Download video with Tubesock

Mac Integration commands

A lot of Mac programs allow easy integration with browsers by allowing for URL’s like tweetie: to open them. These commands take full advantage of that.

Command Description
cssedit Preview and extract current page in CSSEdit
mars Start a blogpost in Marsedit about the current URL
pukka Bookmark the current page using Pukka
tt Tweet the current page with Tweetie
snap Snap the current page in LittleSnapper
delibar Bookmark the current page using Delibar
shove Catch current page in Shovebox

Cool JavaScript Bookmarklet!

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