A kitty needs a home

Our kitty, Rucie, needs a new home… Nobody really knows her age… she was rescued from a crack house two years ago by an animal-loving friend, and we have taken care of her since. Rucie is hesitant and moves with deliberateness. She like to burrow under things and often sleeps facing a corner like she’s hiding, which is so cute!

She doesn’t like loud noises or things that move. She will only approach you when she needs something, like food or a little attention. If you approach her slowly and quietly, she will let you pet her, which she LOVES… she really loves to be scratched under the chin, and she absolutely LOVES her hair brush (which we would like to stay with her because it makes her so happy).

She will potty in a litter box, which we can include as well, or she will go outside, too, once she starts feeling comfortable in a new home– it may take her several months, however, to get comfortable. She does NOT like change of any sort. We are renters and had to move in August and October, and she was very unhappy with all the commotion(!) for that stretch. Thus we really would like her to be in a home for a long term, so she can be happy.

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