Comics Best Series of the Year 2009 – Unknown Soldier

In a world of superheroes and happy endings, it’s sometimes easy to forget that comics can be spectacular vehicles to present very real, raw and powerful situations in a new light. But that’s exactly what Joshua Dysart has done with Unknown Soldier. The series attempts to recast the tragic, violent situations in Africa through the eyes of a pacifist doctor, who embraces the monster within to achieve some manner of victory. Ever uncompromising in its emotion, depiction and resolution, it is impossible for Soldier not to make a lasting impression on its readers. Dysart has somehow managed to find a perfect mix of pseudo super-heroism, horror and startling raw power, crafting what has already become one of Vertigo’s best series.More

  • Publisher: DC/Vertigo

Josh is racking up much-deserved accolades!

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