Create an Online Petition The Most Powerful Petition Tool on the Web The Most Powerful Petition Tool on the Web

  • Start a Petition

    • Free and easy to create in 3 steps.
    • Directly target elected officials, business leaders, or other decision-makers.
    • Real-time delivery of signed letters to targets.
    • Ability to send follow-up messages to everyone who has signed your petition.
    • Nonprofits can build their email list by allowing participants to subscribe when signing.
  • Recruit Supporters

    • Integrated social networking and sharing tools with Twitter and Facebook.
    • Embeddable widgets available to promote your petition on blogs and other sites.
    • Leaderboard shows how many people each supporter has recruited to sign the petition.
    • Petitions appear in each relevant cause community on Top petitions each week are sent to more than 500,000 activists.
  • Make a Difference

    • Petitions on have won dozens of campaigns:
    • Convinced the Dept. of Labor to release a confidential report on slave labor
    • Helped end the food industry’s deceptive nutrition labeling program
    • Compelled Scholastic to stop censoring gay friendly books
    • See more
Start a Petition Now!

Video: How to Create a Petition on

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Tips for a Successful Petition
  • Keep it short and simple!
  • A short, catchy, headline is the single most important part of your petition.
  • Tell people why your target is the best person to petition on this issue (e.g. “Send a letter to the Governor because she is the only person who can sign the bill into law”).
  • Ask the target of your petition to do something specific (e.g. “please vote yes on this bill” or “stop testing your lipstick on animals”).
  • Always attach a photo or video to your petition.
  • Use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to help recruit people to sign your petition.
  • Send a follow-up message to everyone who has signed your petition. Tell them what happened or give some additional information about the issue.

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