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Help stem the flood of Corporate Personhood!

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Date: November 13, 2009 11:01:06 AM PST
Subject: Decision may be any day now

Dear Keith,

Any day now, the Supreme Court will issue its decision in a case that could unleash a flood of corporate money into our political system.

A corporate titan driving a giant steamroller that is about to crush the U.S. Capitol building, showing corporate influence in elections.
Don’t Get Rolled!

Haven’t heard much lately about the Citizens United case? That doesn’t mean nothing is happening. In fact, a lot is going on behind the scenes at the Supreme Court:

1.) The justices likely decided how to rule within a day or two of the September argument and are now writing it up;
2.) Justices frequently argue with each other through their draft opinions, finalizing them only when someone lets someone else have the last word;
3.) The justices are probably hurrying to get the decision out in time before the 2010 congressional campaign season gets under way.

Public Citizen attorney Scott Nelson, who represents former and current lawmakers in the case, tells more here.

Right now, there are three things you can do if you think more corporate influence in our politics and policy-making is a bad idea:

1.) Sign the petition and pledge to protest.
2.) Check out our blog posts on to get the latest updates and join the discussion in the comments section.
3.) Spread the word: Tell your friends about the Don’t Get Rolled campaign.

The court could overturn a century of modest limits on corporate influence in our elections. Corporations already have far too much leverage over lawmakers — a large contributing factor to the lack of oversight of Wall Street that resulted in our current economic crisis. But it could get much, much worse.

Help Public Citizen fight back — go to and tell a friend today!

Thank you for all you do!

Rick, Angela and Glenn
Your Advocates at Public Citizen

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