I will miss George W. Bush like I miss Hitler… Which is both a good and a bad thing

I will miss George W. Bush like I miss… hmmm… like I miss Genghis Khan. Or like Adolf Hitler. Or like any other dumb-fuck, stupid-ass, bumbling, idiotic, fucked-up, insecure, arrogant draft-dodging pussy-excuse-for-a-Texan-let-alone-an-American-let-alone-the-most-powerful-man-alive poor soul who may have ever existed.

But he did give me something to react to, something to keep me going, something to make me feel like my spirit was direly needed in order to help the world make it thru his 8 long years of unfortunate world-leadership. For that I am grateful.

I can already feel a sense of relaxation in myself– but not a GOOD one. Instead, it’s more of a placation, or a false sense of security, of self-satisfaction and laziness… what is the damn word I’m looking for? COMPLACENCY, almost smugness. “Cool, Obama’s gonna take care of everything, now I can relax.”

But this is NOT what I want to do. In order for the world to continue to become a better place (read: in order for ME to become a better person), then I want to continue to work on myself, to become more compassionate, more helpful, more spiritual, more loving and kind and generous. I want to continue to give myself away, for that is the only way to find myself.

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