First Class! Experimental Group Voice

I had my first Experimental Voice Class last night, and it went really well. However, it was not glitch-free. 

When we first got to our supposedly-reserved classroom, in the Music building, room 212, there was already some other class going on in there. So we checked all the other doors on the 2nd floor, and they were either locked or already occupied. 

So I called the Campus Room Scheduling department, and the guy checked and found that Music 212 was, according to his database, completely unscheduled– free from either my course or the woodwind ensemble that was actually in there. 

So he looked around in his database a bit and found us a room in Miller Hall right next door, in room 303. We went over there, and sure enough it was an excellent room, wide open, quiet (unlike the 2nd floor of the Music building), and available!  We slipped right in, and immediately everything fell right into place, and the class went well from then on. This had taken a half hour, so we essentially got started at 8pm, and we ended at 9pm.

But the class itself went really well, although we didn’t get to sing very much, and might not even have made ANY group sound together had Rex not expressed his desire to do so! Which I immediately agreed that we’d jump into at the end.

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