The Edible Garden; a Permaculture Workshop

The Edible Garden: a Permaculture Workshop

Wow. Milena and I had a great time Sunday at the Permaculture Event at Tom and Susan Armstrong’s “Park” out in Redmond. They are great people: very knowledgeable, energetic, loving, sharing. They own the Raw Source raw food store– it’s in their converted garage. And they brought in Bruce Horowitz, a really great permaculturist/sustainable comunitist/raw food chef from Bellingham. And there were about 8-10 other guests, all of whom were really great, too!

It was just a really positive time of learning about sustainability, permaculture and how its design principles fit into your everyday life, and just being around cool people. And creating stuff! Yes, Milena and I worked on the “Herb Spiral,” which is a circular/spiral-shaped built-up area for growing herbs. It is south-facing, and each quadrant or so has a special purpose. For instance, the southern quadrant or so is made up of sun-loving plants, since south is the direction of the sun. Likewise, the north-facing quadrant or so houses more shade-loving herbs, since they will be shaded by the more southerly plants. HerbSpiral.tTARgwmUospQ.jpg

Get it? One of the main principles of permaculture is that each element of the design serves at least 3 purposes. Another is that the elements are all symbiotic. So, efficiency is prime.

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