Gluten-Free Vegans!

Well, Milena and I are now on the “Quantum Diet.” Yah, apparently Oprah’s on it, and loving it, so Milena and Janelle got all excited about it, and we all got going on it like 3 weeks ago. It’s gluten-free and vegan! Yes, I’ve been a freekin’ vegan now for 3 weeks! And I really AM loving it! It feels so good to be able to tell people I don’t eat any animal products!

Now, I guess I’m not completely vegan, because I do use some animal products, such as leather, probably, in some of my shoes. And yes, I do have a leather belt or two. At least, i think they’re leather. Who really knows these days? Could easily be some plastic products…

But apparently one of the main ideas of the Quantum Diet is just consciousness. Just being conscious of what you eat, your effect on the planet, the way your body feels and reacts to certain foods. And I am noticing that it is easier for me to feel the effects of food on my body. Pretty dang cool.

I’m still wavering around 164 lbs. That’s nice, too.

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