Video Call with Deana in Holland!

wow, REALLY nice video call with Deana today, via Skype! Yeah, for FREE, too!


She had Twittered me to see if I was around, so we Twitter-chatted for a little while– she?s got a new phone (Sony Ericsson Walkman W200i) and wanted me to help her get some music on it. It was just a little too abstract, so I asked her if she?d ever got her WebCam, and she said yes, on her new Sony Vaio laptop. Cool, I said, how about chat software or Skype. She said Skype, so I downloaded it, and we got it right up!

We talked for a little while about her and Holly, about how they?re learning Dutch– Holly?s apparently pretty much able to converse now with the natives. Deana?s picking it up just from immersion.

Then we talked about Meredith coming next week– Monday! And they?re going to Paris, then a big two-week tour all around Europe– Austria and Italy, really. And Meredith may be taking organ lessons from one of like three people who can play the Dutch Royal Family?s huge old pipe organ.

Then I told her about a favorite MP3 site:, which is probably a Russian site with probably illegal music on it, but I?ve been digging it since Dell showed it to me a couple weeks ago. I?ve been using it to ?fill out? my collection. Bought ?Handsome Cabin Boy?– the a capella Kate Bush Celtic folk tune from the B side of like Running Up That Hill, which I?ve been looking for for like ten years. And got it for 15 cents!!! So yeah, I?m diggin? it.

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