Teaching Online! + GRACIBOOK!!! + Parallels Desktop + Social Networking

Yes, FIVE freaking classes! Three of them are 1-credit-hour PowerPoint: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The other two are BTS 161, the MS Office class. Just had first “Hybrid” class this evening, and it went really well. I think I’m definitely gonna like just one day a week on campus. Keeps us focused.

Had a nice little ice breaker, they paired off and interviewed each other.

Took break, hadda guest speaker, then dove into Blackboard Vista. Good stuff, good questions, mostly having to do with “can I run Office 2007 in XP?”, “can I run XP in Vista?”, “Can I run Vista in Office 2003?” kinda questions… I get that all the time, questions confusing the operating system with applications that run inside the operating system…

OH S***E!!!!!!!! I forgot to journal this, but I HAVE A NEW FREAKIN’ MACBOOK PRO!!!!!! And I am SO freakin’ HAPPY!!!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!! Yes, here she is, GraciBook:


Ah, yes, she’s a beauty, all right:

MacBook Pro (late 2006)
Intel Core 2 Duo (dual-core: TWO PROCESSORS!!!)
2.16 GHz
667 MHz System Bus speed
120 GB, 5400-rpm SATA HD
6x Dual-Layer Super Drive
built-in iSight camera!
802.11g Airport card
digital+analog combo-jack audio in & out

Purchased used on March 26, 2008, for $1350 (cash!), from Josh Bryant in Kirkland.
2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo
Serial #: xxxxxxxxx

Introduced Oct 2006
Discontinued June 2007

And, I’m just havign a TON o’ FUN with her!


Installing– well, I installed– Parallels Desktop, trial version. But having problems getting it to Authorize. Here’s the error:

The activation key relates to the license, which is not active yet. Please check your local date and time settings.

So, here’s the “date and time” they sent me in the accompanying email:

PRODUCT : Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac
ACTIVATION KEY : xxxxxxxxxxxx
START DATE : 2008/04/04
END DATE : 2008/04/19

And it IS already Friday, April 4, at 12:34 AM…

I sent them an email. I really want this to work!!!

Been also really getting into “social networking”: e.g., Facebook, Twitter, chatting. Have really re-connected with Dell and Lawrence, and Denise to an extent. Also several old CC people in FB: Louis Katz, Phil Johnson, Rick Olmos, Tony Yarbray, Amanda (the smart blonde frm Lotus Cup, Imelda Bettinger (the freakin’ Social Networking QUEEN!).

But I really like Facebook. WAY better than Myspace– just cleaner, more professional, unlke Myspace,whic always seems hacked together out of scrapcrap.

And Twitter! HA! Journler was my introduction to Twitter! Yeah, J-Tweets! …which I never cd get to work right…

But Twitter is cool because of a couple things. 1. It’s easy: just single-sentence “micro-blogging,” really, answering the question, “what are you doing now?”

And 2. Everybody’s doing it! Especially freakin’ @imelda! But I got Deana doing it alot, and Terri some. Kinda wish I cd get LG & Dell to do it, but they do update their Facebook statuses pretty regularly.

And Twitters GO/Post to my FB acct; just wish there were now a way to get FB status updates to Twitter…

Can even “Jott” a voicemail message to Twitter! Yeah, Jott is this cool new system for transcribing Voice messages into Text! And it works VERY well! Yeah, you just call up their toll free 866 number, tell them who your message is for (“twitter”), and then leave the “twit.” Thrity seconds later, it’s posted as your latest Twittering! F***ING cool, man!!!

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